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Oil Testing
I found this info in regards to different oil brand testing, just the messenger......


this is the file that POCKETS posted, all credit is to him/her, i am not trying to take credit for this but with the funky zip file this seemed easiest, if chemist is against this i will delete this post or an admin can also.

The R.P.M. Unit (machine) was built with a stainless steel piston that run's up to 16,000 r.p.m's, I add E-10 gas into the port hole and add the oil to a 50-1 mix and run it until the database software on the computer tells me at what r.p.m. the oil break's down, It also tells me the viscosity under load pressure, was there any foam under heat and how much carbon build up under heat. The unit gets to a 116 fahrenheit. I have noticed that with ethanol the carbon build up is very low with all oils, because ethanol is a strong solvent, cleanser, and drying agent. A good synthetic when using E-10 gas is a must, now with Non-ethanol gas the oils will read about 100 to 150 RPM's higher.

Update: received some royal purple snow 2-c today, went to the lab, First i looked at the oil in my microscope and noticed some thing different from the other oil's, The base oil is all synthetic, But some th ing did not look right so i checked out the royal purple web site to look at the msds and there it was, Iso paraffinic diluent's what is it, Isoparaffinic are branched aliphatic hydrocarbon's and depending on the carbon length range it could be used as a solvent, When diluted it act's like a detergent but is better idea then a strong detergent's, I think this oil would keep valve cleaning down, Any way r.p.m. before break down 12,075, This is a very good oil, As the oil's come in I will post them. -42F pour point.

Tested, injex pro 2- cycle, The base stock is mineral oil the other is synthetic oil, this oil contains a large amount of detergent's and ash, To me this oil would be good for air cooled engine's that get hotter then liquid cooled engine's, Air cooled engine's need detergent's to keep carbon build up down. Maximum R.P.M. before break down of the oil viscosity and film strength 8,875, With a large amount of foam and heat under high r.p.m, This oil failed my test.

Tested, Mystic jt-4 synthetic, R.P.M. before break down of the oil viscosity and film strength 13,600, This oil was the best in cold pour point so far with a - 56 f, This oil is excellent and passed my test.

TESTED, Red Line two-stroke snowmobile oil, This oil has 80% base stock's of very small molecules, It has very low ash, Very good film strength, And a pour point of -42f, Maximum r.p.m. before break down was 11,443, This oil passed my test.

TESTED, Polaris racing synthetic oil, this oil had 85% base stock's of very small molecules and a very high film strength, first let's compare this to ves gold plus, the racing oil has .9% higher viscosity then the ves gold plus, But the ves has more corrosion inhibitors then the racing oil, polaris racing synthetic maximum r.p.m. before break down was 12,920, This oil passed my test. with a pour point of -40f. So far the best bang for the buck is the mystic jt-4 synthetic, A friend of mine gave me some Legend zx-2r to test next. Any members use this oil.

TESTED: Amsoil Dominator, pour point -50, This oil has excellent synthetic base stock at 75%, and 25% high processed oil's, but it has a lot of detergent's in the formula, R.P.M. before break down of the viscosity and film strength was 12,002, This oil passed my test.

TESTED: Legend ZX-2SR: First off under the microscope this oil is not a synthetic oil, but an ultra pure highly refined mineral oil, the molecules are very small, the pour point was -54f. R.P.M. before brake down of the oil viscosity and film strength is unknown. My test unit only goes to 16,000 R.P.M. and the oil never broke down. This oil is going to be my new oil in my new rush switchback 800, and yes i checked the oil three times in my machines this oil is the best i have tested. I have to thank my friend Jeff for giving me this oil to test.

TESTED: Polaris synthetic blend (blue) oil, This oil is70% mineral oil with 30% synthetic in the mix, The molecules are not very uniform, Maximum R.P.M. before break down of the oil viscosity and film strength was 8,988, This oil failed my test, And i have been using this oil to break in my new polaris snowmobile's over the year's, But what I don't understand is on the label it say's for non-ves?, pour point was-38f.

TESTED: Spectro syn-snow, this oil is 100% synthetic with very small and uniform molecules, there is a detergent in this oil, maximum R.P.M. before break down of the oil viscosity and film strength was 13,778, this oil passed my test. pour point was -55f.

TESTED: Legend ZX-2R, This oil is almost the same as zx-2sr, this is not a synthetic but a highly refined mineral, the molecules are small, But not as small as the zx-2sr, Maximum R.P.M. before break down of the oil viscosity and film strength was 13,675, pour point was -48f. This oil passed my test.

TESTED: Yamalube 2s two stroke oil , This oil has a mineral base with synthetic added to the mix 60% mineral, 40% synthetic, Maximum R.P.M. before break down of the oil viscosity and film strength was 9,998, Even though the r.p.m. were not that impressive, I am going to pass this oil, Because of it's rust protection, and it is a very clean burning oil, pour point was tested at -33f

tested: klotz r-50 Techniplate, This oil is all synthetic, and has very small molecules, And it is a thick oil, Maximum R.P.M. before break down of the oil viscosity and film strength was 15,579, even though the oil broke down, my test unit stayed at 116f, wierd, this is the first time my unit did this, pour point tested at -14f, this oil passed my test.

TESTED: Shell ADVANCE SNOW ALTRA ,This oil is all synthetic, The molecules are very small and uniform with low ash, This oil is a API-TC, JASO-FC, Maximum R.P.M. before break down of the oil viscosity and film strength was 11,902, this oil passed my test, A note about ash, what is it? it is calcium phenate or magnesium phenate, these compounds are detergent's. Some oil's contain more and some less, We want less ash to pass my test's.

TESTED: CASTOR OIL, Yes people out there are using it, Castor is a bean oil, it is a excellent lubricant, With a high R.P.M. of 13,992 before break down, But this oil is very dirty, with carbon build up, this oil failed my test
Great piece of information Jim! Good to see after testing he agrees that the Legend ZX-2SR is the best he's tested. Thankyou for posting that!

That's great info!
How willing would you be to include the CPS oil that supposedly mixed specifically for aviation 2-stroke engines?

If your data was compiled into a graphic chart/table and PDF'd, and made available for download, I'm sure it would become the standard.

Here's the oil I'm referring to.
Bryan, as my first line said "I found this info in regards to different oil brand testing, just the messenger"

I just copied and pasted the info I found. It was all together on one page, I didn't compile it. So if you want to add your brand to the list then you could copy the text and then paste your brand to the list.
As many people are, I am GUILTY of only comprehending portions of what I read. Sad Sorry

I really would like for a chemist somewhere to test this stuff and compare the numbers to other oils commonly used in light 2-stroke aircraft.

I was doing a little snooping around the Internet and found the forum and thread where the 2 cycle oil was tested. Here is the link:  . You might be able to contact the author and ask him to test the other oils that you are referring to. I know that John, Dwight, and Mike Messex all recommend Legend ZX-2SR. Just thought you might like to see the thread.

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