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Helicopter Gymkhana
My first post: A friend of mine and myself have just ordered the XE-285 ( one each ). We plan to operate in ultra low level with a max ceiling of 100 ft. in one area of approximately 45 acres. We are going to learn to hover using our own method. When we learn the hover we intend to do all our maneuvers at an auto recovery height. Our intention is to start a sport of Helicopter Gymkhana whereby a participant can purchase a craft, build it, have it checked and registered and participate as an unlicensed pilot. When we can prove that our system works we are taking it to Transport Canada for approval.
Because of the nature of the craft a helicopter can be operated for two specific reasons. One as a "glorified" hovercraft and the other as a regular aircraft. We chose hovercraft because we only want to partake in Helicopter Gymkhana which is the gentle precision maneuvers made into a competitive sport we hope some day.
This will enable people on a tight budget to experience helicopter flying for minimul cost and have fun doing it. If we decide later on to join the higher crowd we will go through he proper channels to do so.

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