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Radio Static Issue
I am using a portable ICOM A6 transceiver that I attached to the front dash and I have a recommended Spiros antenna running about 3ft back from the end of the tail boom. Static is so intense that I cannot hear anybody once the engine is operating. Had the same static noise issue with the stock ICOM transceiver mounted antenna. The ICOM runs off its own rechargable battery pack... not the Mosquito battery on my MZ202. Also using a David Clark H-30 headset.

Anyone have a solution?
See link below:;start=1

Or search forum for "radio noise suppression" -good luck!   Smile

Yeah you will find that because aviation radios are AM, they are a little more susceptible to EMI.

Shielded plug wires and ferrites on power wires are good at keeping noise out. there is a lot of information on this.

paying attention to how you route wires and the lengths of them are also important considerations.

There are a lot of information on the forum, however this is my setup, it works pretty well.

radio: Microair 760
Antenna: 118-137 sirio MD Aviation
The antenna is mounted on the tail boom to the height of the horizontal stabilizer, I shielded: plug wires, coils, wires from the coils to the CDI, CDI using an aluminum box.
completely solve the problem of RFI is difficult, you have to find a compromise.

sul forum ci sono molte informazioni, comunque questa è la mia configurazione, funziona abbastanza bene.

radio: microair 760
antenna: sirio MD 118-137 Aviation
l'antenna è installata sul trave di coda all'altezza dello stabilizzatore orizzontale, ho schermato: cavi candele, bobine, cavi dalle bobine ai CDI, CDI utilizzando una scatola di alluminio.
risolvere completamente il problema delle RFI è difficile, bisogna trovare un compromesso.

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