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My first tryning to lift off !!!!!
Hello there ,
I,m new Mosquito Air owner !
I had 11.5 hrs on R22 and did semi terrific ( semi terrific means lousy but I won,t admitted LOL )
My first 1/2 hr . was constant fight with CG, It tend to lift front way sooner , enough to be down right scary .
There is a little room to move battery forward . I suspect It may take more then that ?? I,m 165 lb.
Any of you good people had same problem and solved ???
Best Regards Stan

Sent you a pm
Hi ,
I did get your response , except I couldn't open any text for some reason !!
Being new at that , most likely I,m doing something wrong . Being 75 yrs I finally graduate
in typing with two fingers LOL !!!
PS. I,m thinking to maybe try with 18 ' boom for a few hrs , however this will aggravate my CG problem more !!!
I,m sorry if I,m turning in to a pest .
Thanks Kind Regards Stan

Before you fly any new Mosquito you need to make sure the balance is correct. You can either use scales or a hang test. If you email me I will send you the drawing that covers this.

Hello ,
Many thanks for getting back .
I,m also contemplating perhaps to use a 18' boom for a hr. or two ? yet this will further aggravate CG. problem .
Many thanks Stan . e mail cheers .

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