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How did you learn to fly?
JB, I'd like to know more about your experience with flight regulations and where it's ok to go. I finally came across an FAA map of the area and right around where I live is class C airspace from SNA airport so I guess if I wanted to take off and land from home a transponder would be a must.

A five minute search revealed a number of options for flight training, some of which are in Inland Empire as well: Angeles) Ana) Beach/Chino) Nuys)
http://www.californiaaviationservices... (Riverside) Nuys) Bar) Nuys) Beach) Beach)

This list is far from complete, so it looks like we have a good number of schools to choose from here. Most of these are between 30 to 60 mins from me. From what I can tell pretty much all these have real good reviews on yelp and google.

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