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Dynavibe Roto check IPS
flying translated vertical ips will change. Anyway my experience says that if you have a low value that is below the 0.2 IPS, the vibrations are the same and I was not able to eliminate. maybe john uptigrove can help
You will never be able to eliminate all the vibration from a two bladed semi-rigid rotor helicopter. Once you have it as smooth as possible in ground run ups (balance and sweep) then tracking in the air is the final adjustment. Adjust pitch links only when flying to smooth the track as much as possible.
I'll do the tracking this weekend

I went flying a few times this weekend and I can feel the change in vibration, it's so smooth now
if you can get your hands on a balancer for a few days do it, I think you will be very happy with the outcome 

you post the values of IPS I had before and after the changes?
What settings you have done to reduce vibration?
as I had already written in the past my ips values are low, but shifted in flight the vibration is perceived as a flicker which is annoying if the flight takes one hour.
if your vibration in forward flight is low, it would be helpful to understand how you have achieved this result.
Here is a run down on what I did, my tail rotor is carbon fiber and I did need to add weight to the cord and span to get it to balance
to .04 ips. the hard part was to get the little pea in my head to understand what was going on when adding the weight to the cord or span
and using the polar chart. When you understand whats going on you can move the data point on the chart to the center. The main rotor
took some time to do, I set it up as in the manual with a 2 ft machined bar on the hub plate and used pin gauges to measure. Got the ips
on the ground and in a hover, plotted the data point now I have a starting point. We now need a 2nd data point, I moved blade #1 aft one flat
and checked the ips marked my new data point now I have a line. any movement with blade sweep will move me along that line so just move the data point
in the direction to the center as close as possible. My line did not go to the center of the chart so the best I could do was .19 ips or I would go out the other side of the chart and the ips would go up. the total movement of the main rotor blades was 2 flats on blade #1 and 1 flat on blade #2.
If you want a better understanding of what I did get with Doug B or Mike M.
The vibration you talked about a flicker would you go into a little more detail on it.


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