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Body on a Air
I'm sure this has been asked before but I can not find it. Can you put a XE body on the Air?
Technically, anything is possible, but in short, no.
I would agree that it would be rather impractical to attempt to convert an XE cab for attachment to an Air. We have both here in Wichita and they are completely different animals. Dwight did a great job of designing the XE but you gotta remember that it is a stressed shell and if you go cutting it for another application, you risk ending up with a wiggly fiberglass mess that could present more problems than is worth the effort. And by the time you would finish, you would have a very heavy machine to say the least.
My opinion; the Air is a great u.l. ship for those with the open air desire. The XE is better suited should a person desire an enclosure.

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