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2015 Mosquito Fly In
so how is it going? hope all are having fun! even tho my XEL is parked there, I can't be, so hoping for some posts on some details. Lorne, will you be there with blades turning??!!
Sorry, I couldn't make it this year.
I'm dealing with my wife's health issues and other assorted responsibilities.

I'm there in spirit though.
I hope we see some photos and have some updates on the forum soon.
We want news??
We want NEWS and PICS!!!
XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014

Just got back late last night. Pretty low key this year Mike. We needed you there as there were a lot of flyers missing from previous years due to any number of reasons - work, distance and other conflicts. Hopefully we'll get the numbers back up next year and certainly hope to see a lot of 285's there as well as several are nearing completion now. Mike should have some pictures I think.
Tell us about the Swift John, where is it up to?
Getting close! Engine, rotor system and controls are all in. We still need to install the fuel injection, engine cooling system, instruments and wiring as well as do some modifying to the tail rotor enclosure. So still lots to do but Dwight and his crew are working hard to get there.
under construction pictures from this last weekend --
blades have been hung but didn't get a picture

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Awesome Pictures. Thank you for posting. I'm ordering a new trailer (moble man cave) for my XET here in the next couple of weeks and have plans possibly for a Swift down the road and don't want to have to purchase another trailer for it.
Would it be possible to get length and height measurements of the Swift please???

storeyaviation - 4/23/2015 6:11 AM
Would it be possible to get length and height measurements of the Swift please???


Swift dimensions:

bigger than the XET!!!!


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