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2015 Mosquito Fly In
Swift is 74 W x 95 H x 278 L, or 6 ft 2" x 7 ft 11" x 23 ft 2" excluding the front blade overhang. If you include that then the length is 356 L or 29 ft 8". The cabin width is 48".
That clutch looks tiny . is it centrifugal? considering it's only turning less than 2800 rpm will it hold? I'd rather have v belts and a manual or electric tensioner like modern reciprocating engine helicopters. Might also dampen torsional stress from engine power pulses. Bell and and Hiller used centrifugal clutches but they were the size of the flywheel and very heavy parts.
First of all, thank you John for your words about the Swift. Love first hand information from you Smile .

Nice pictures! So much progress since the last pictures from Composite FX's web page. I'm really excited Smile .


Might be a dumb question, but is the clutch in the center part of the upper belt pulley?
Any news on the Swift? When will it be flying?

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