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Mosquito Heli Map
A ways back I asked where all the Mosquito's are, how many total etc.
I offered to make a Map for this site as I thought it would be very interesting.

No answers so I took it upon myself to make a Map from the Mosquito's registered in the freely available FAA database.

I thought I saw in a poll that 2/3rds are unregistered Ultralights and 1/3 registered.

I found 22 registered and another 7 that were deregistered for some reason, such as registration expired, destroyed, never completed etc.

Here is the Map of the ones that are in the US FAA database identified by zip code:  

New World Mosquito Map

Not sure if the company wants me to add the rest, but its a 10 minute task if they did and would be very cool so see the distribution across the world.
All I need is the zip code and Model.
What a cool idea.
If you do put more on there, my XE is in New Zealand - post code 7472 Smile
OK Arrow123 you are ON the map way down in New Zealand.

I changed the Map to use City/State/Country for that international component.

Interestingly, of the Heli's in the US registry that were deregisted, 2 of them were exported abroad. 1 to Russian Federation and 1 to Australia.

I'd be real interested where all the other 60+ Heli's went and how they are progressing.

From the Serial Numbers which it looks like may have started at 1000, Ive seen one as high as 1249, that seems to suggest that there are 249 Mosquito's out there somewhere?

Can anyone lend any support to that theory?



Thanks for your efforts. By relying on FAA database, you are missing on the ultralight XEL's which do not have to be registered. You can start with mine:

XEL1144, Owner/Builder= Andy Lim, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Thanks & good luck with the project


Mine is :

XE 1077 "Identification Number" 44-AUA

Parking :
LF4451 France

47° 14' 15.07 N
1° 52' 37.36 W
Jean-Rémy (XE 1077 - Sud Bretagne - France)
MXE1279. Hopkinton, MA.
if you do put five more on there. as xe flying in czech republik
#1128 : 1/2 a built one in tussock Creek, Southland, New Zealand 9781.
Richard, NZL  /// C? Test Dummy \\\  "I used to be a hang-glider pilot. Yeah, I remember that... day!"
Count me in Ray

Park City, Utah USA

Still need Drive Group and the 285
XE285 in the build, Hamilton, New Zealand 3206

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