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100th Mosquito
We'll the glorious moment of the 100th Mosquito sale came and went with little of the fan fare I was hoping to create. I received Dwight's latest sale list so with that and the four machines I sold in ONE day last week along with the two just sold this weekend we are suddenly at 103 machines. I'm both happy and a little embarassed to get caught flat footed by the rush of orders. The proud owner of Mosquito 100 is John Moore of New Jersey. Congratulations John!
Hey John,
Congratulations on the 100th Mosquito and beyond. Man these things are going like hot cakes!!!

Pretty soon, we'll have to start a "Mosquito Air Force".

Market saturation will occur at 6 billion.
Hi John , Many, many congrats on the ship sales. I knew when I saw the first program of the moquito on Discovery channel this little craft was going places. The bulk of the sales are in the US I think due to the rotory laws on ultra lites. Oh well, maybe I'll win the 6/49. If I come into any kind of wind fall I'll be down to Calgary the day after, Knocking on your door. ( I'll phone first Ha.) Congrats again & I hope You and yours become wealthy on these great machines.

Yours Truly
Dennis Lewis
Swan Hills


Congrats on your 100+ sales. Wish there was something appropriate we could put on this post to mark your success. With your rapidly increasing sales will come the challenges of increased production whick we are confident you and your team will meet just as successfully.
Echoing Den, I wish our Canadain regs were different, then we could just flood you with orders. Your acheivment should be a good argument for regulation changes sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I wish you and yours the best and continued success.

Congratulations John:
It seems like only yesterday since I attended Airventure 2003 as an spectator and saw you flying the Air Mosquito for the first time, you certainly made a believer out of a guy who's most remote thought in his mind was to fly a helicopter, let alone even own one. Well, today, not only I fly, but own my own chopper, you've made it a reality for me and a lot of other guys with the same dream.
At that time, you had sold 7 kits, mine becoming the 8th. I remember telling you that you had designed what I thought was a very "revolutionary" concept in ultrahigh helicopters, something you probably already knew anyway. I also remember telling you about the "lack" of aesthetics on the heli, and that you needed to improve on its looks. Needless to say, a couple years later, enter the XE/XEL models; it seems I was right, not to mention all the other builders that put their trust in you and your abilities to develop a better looking machine. I also know the amount of trials and tribulations you've had to face thru the years trying to make things right for everyone, something that most of us appreciate with such an undertaking on your part. It's amazing what you've accomplished in such small period of time and deserve the recognition from us all. Congratulations John! may God bless you and all your endeavors.
Best Regards,

ps. My congratulations to Dwight and George as well.

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