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more info
I was about to purchase your info pack, but was skeptical it would have what I am looking for. I have many questions, but am principally concerned about the maintenance schedule for the mosquito. Is there a schedule, and what is the pricing and availability status of components? I am not an AME, can I perform the maintenance myself? I assume that you, John, are qualified to sign off the Annual Airworthiness Inspection that I'll need for my CofA, but where else can I have this done if I'm nowhere near Calgary when it comes due?
I'm still confused as to exactly what category of aircraft the mosquito fall into here in Canada. Experimental?
In Canada the Mosquito is an experimental helicopter. This means you need to build it yourself (although there are apparently ways around this) and then have it inspected and registered. After that its up to you. You do your own inspections and send in the form to the MOT (they will send you one when your annual is due).
I will have all components available when the overhaul is due or any other time you need them.
Ok, that's helpful. Thanks for the reply. But what about the maintenance scheldule? I'd like to see a break down of component life-times to aid in figuring out such handy figues as cost-per-hour and depreciation.
Not much to the maintenance schedule. Grease and check oil every 10 hours. Preflight, postflight, replace on condition. TBO is 500 hours. Engine rebuild, replace belts, bearings, clutch pads, blades. Cost is approx $5000. Cost per hour is approx. $20-$25 depending on gas prices.

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