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Excessive rotor speed during autos. When I put helicopters back together after a major inspection, I go out and test fly the machines. After I do the track and balance, I do autos. I start at about 1,000 agl and roll into the auto gently (the same way I teach my students to do an auto). The speed of the blades has nothing to do with their inertia. The high inertia blades just allow you extra safety margin - ex - R44 vs R22. I can auto a Huey and pick it back up because the blades have so much mass- not so much on a R22. I set the low stop of the collective to speed up the blades during an auto just in case we need it. The collective is set so that the pilot will bottom and then pull up some on the collective even if he has a light bag of fuel and no pax. The worst case is that the pilot has an engine failure and then the rotors won't speed up because he is so light. It's just extra safety margin. I'm looking forward to doing autos in the mosquito. Even if the blades are "light" - if the helicopter is not heavy, it's just more safety margin to use during an auto. There is no need to have blades that speed up super quickly or slow down super quickly... if you fly like an old man... you'll live to be one.

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