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Helium filled floats??
I was watching Mythbusters last night on the Discovery Channel, and they were talking about the flying raft myth. Well in short, the raft they first filled lost 4lbs of weight for approximately 19 cubic feet of Helium. So, I just thought it would be a good idea to fill the floats with helium. If one could calculate the volume of helium that each float would need to fill to the appropriate pressure, you could estimate the amount of "weight lost" (although no mass has been reduced) and would especially be a plus for XEL builders. Oh, what colors do the floats come in? :-)

I did the calculations on helium some time ago and as I recall it was less than 2 # gained.Also consider that helium is very hard to contain, That is the reason ordinary rubber balloons have to be internally coated to remain up for more than a few hours.

I think I will build my XEL light to begin with, and keep the helium for balloons.

I can see it now, floating upside down like an airship, with a tether rope.................
I was just thinking of the genius who would want to mess with the tower........have a tube from the float into the cabin.....take a breath from the tube, then call the tower.

Never can tell what people will do,

James L
Hi All,
Just to let you know the Helium Molecule is way to small to stay in your floats. You will lose alot of gas in only a couple of hours. The cost will be way too much to keep them filled. Think of your birthday balloons and how long they float for. Usually only a couple of days. Unless you go to a Mylar or metal you cannot contain the gas. Way to think out of the box though! Later, Cam

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