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Lighting question...
I read under the "electrical power" post that a LED nav light and strobe system is being developed and wondered if the nav lights could be put in the front of the skids? Is this already in consideration, or were the nav lights going to be fuselage mounted? Also curious of the anticipated location of the white position light and strobe. Some discussion was mentioned. Would the strobe be attached directly to the tail rotor gearbox? I saw a LED positon/strobe supplied by Aircraft Spruce & Speciality that could possibly flush mount there.
Were the designers thinking of putting a strobe on top of the tail boom? There is a side horizontal and vertical stab this the expected location of the mentioned position light? Any Comments in regards to the posibility (as mentioned) of mounting nav lights in the skid tips? I looked for awhile but hadnt found anything specifically for that purpose. Thanks!

The nav lights have been designed for the skid tips, The Strobe can be belly mounted or midway on the underside of the tail boom. Position light can be mounted top of vertical stab or just in front of T/R gearbox.


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