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Curious about cabin/cockpit room....
Greetings everyone! I have been curious to know if there are any pilots of the Mosquito that are 6'2 in height or larger, and I am interested in some info/feedback about this. It looks like there is plenty of room for tall guys, but I just wanted to ask anyway. Thanks!


I know Paul G. (didn't want to misspell his last name) is on the tall owner list.

Most of the "tall crowd" own the "Air" version. I do not know how tall you can be and feel comfortable in the XE/XEL.

James L

I'm 6' 3" and have plenty of head room, even when I arch my back and sit up straight. There's a small divet at the top of the cabin enclosure which humps up right in front of the main rotor assembly. It helps to provide extra headroom for us freaks of nature. Thanks to John and his ultimate design.

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