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Mosquito website membership reaches 1000.
Congratulations to REYNALDO on becoming the millenium member.

Congratulations Blair on a great web site.

So there's 870 of you now that don't have Mosquito's. Better get on that.
hey john...i'm working on that....just started to take lessons on R22.
by the way..thanks for getting me in touch with lance..hopefully i'll
get up to northern california an get a look at his XE in the next week
or so...looking forword to ordering in a few months
thanks again
You've done a great job Blair. Keep up the good work. This is an awesome website. I predict a thousand more in just a few months the way this site (and the interest in the Mosquito) is growing!
Yeah! Great job on the web site. This is a great little helicopter and will be the most popular for years to come. Keep up the great work Blair and John. You guys are doing a great job.


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