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AeroTwin Engine Status???
John, What is the Status of Working with the People from AeroTwin Engines? It sure sounded like they were going to be pretty supportive of you and the Mosquito XE and Air. Have they continued courting you as a user of thier Engines, as well?
Good Luck, and hope to meet you at the Wichita flight Festival...
Got it, mounted it and ran it, for about 1 minute. It shook the chopper so bad the instrument panel turned to a blur. My collective hand went numb. I played with it for some time but couldn't find anything wrong. They sent a rep out to see if he could find anything and he couldn't. For reasons I won't get into they chose to run the two inline pistons together, rather than 180 degrees apart like all most all other engines do. The result is an engine that has to be very soft mounted to not fatigue the airframe. You can get away with that when you are driving a propeller but when you have to drive a drive shaft the engine can only move so much. Sent it back, pretty big disappointment.
Hey John, did the Aero Twin people tell you if they would offer an option for a possible crankshaft re-design to allow for the 180 degree piston stroke that you referred to that would in-turn let it run smooth in the Mosquito?

He John, another question: Did you ever evaluate a a rotary engine like the one offered by "Rotary Aircraft Engines". They have one that is 65 hp @ 6,000 rpm @85 lbs and another that is 100 hp @ 6,000 rpm that is turbo charged and weighs 100 lbs.
Hey Mark,

I think you are on to something here. I think that John should take a look into this. The company is offering volume discounts to aircraft manufacturers too! These engines have fuel injection and direct oil injection too.


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That is a nice engine.

Looks like a nice alternative. The weight and Hp are in range. The fuel burn is a little high, but a wankel engine is technically a 2 stroke anyway. But how much fuel should be burnt at that HP.

Looks like you guys have stumbled on to something very promising.

The engine should provide very smooth power......and that is great.

EDIT: I did find a part that was not included in the image. "** Weight does not include PSRU, starting, charging, exhaust, cooling, or other accessory systems. " That could kill the whole deal. If the engine weights in at 150# with the accessories.

James L
Hey guys, the rotary engine is one that may be an option but I would really like to hear Johns' input on this subject including the Aero Twin with the crankshaft re-design to allow for the 180 degree piston stroke. John had mentioned the reason this engine was not an option in the Mosquito was due to Aero Twin choosing to run the two inline pistons together, rather than 180 degrees apart like almost all other engines do. He said that it it shook the chopper so bad that it could not be used in its current configuration.


I doubt that Aerotwin will do the opposing crankshaft throw. Their design requires the pistons to move together to pull air in and out of the crankcase. If they do an opposing crank throw, their whole design for oil and airflow (dry sump with air flow cooling) must be redesigned. Opposed moving pistons will not create a crankcase pulse, and will require a total redesign of their system. They would be required to seal in between the cylinders to get a pulse per cylinder.

It sounds pretty easy, but it is a major deal to their design.

I'm not saying they wouldn't do it, but it would take a lot of time, probably a few years.

Just my view on their current engine design,

James L

Hey James, thanks for the input!!!!! I am actually building a Helicycle but I would also like to build the Mosquito when I get finished with this current project. I think it is great ship and I enjoy all of the input from the people on this site. I hope that one day we can all have ships and we can all have fun flying together.

P.S. Are you a builder yet?

No unfortunately I'm not a builder as of yet. I have a new business I have sank a large sum of money into, and can't squeeze the Mosquito money out yet.

I'm hoping in the next two years to be a happy proud father of a shiney baby Mosquito, but only time will tell.

I was hoping the Aerotwin would have worked out....and watched the background unfold. I suspected the engine to have a lot of vibration from everything I had read, and the people I had talked to.

I think the idea is great, (Aerotwin design) but it is inherently vibration prone.

Maybe the new rotary motors will work out. If the accesories are not too heavy......may be a real good substitue for the MZ. I am partial to the MZ, it really impressed me. But even I would like some more horse power. Not that I need it, but it makes a person at ease having it.

James L

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