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What are the delivery times at the moment?
Currently about 3 months on the Air and 6 months on the XE but we are working on reducing that to 2 to to 3 months eventually.

I placed an order for the XE Kit on 23 AUG 2008.

I think my kit will be shipped on 14 JULY 2009 - that's about 11 months.
Glad to hear you are finally getting your kit. I am sure you will enjoy it.
just so i get it ..... you went to the dealer in Aug. and your kit doesn't ship till july of the next year ???

oh and where does it ship to your dealer or your house ?????
First you need to look at the dates on the messages above. They're from a year and a half ago.

I ordered mine at the end of April 2010, and picked it up at the factory Oct. 1, 2010. It will be shipped to you if that's what you want (and pay for). It's much cheaper to pick it up and take it home. No crating fee, no shipping charges.
My XET was delivered at the 6 month mark as promised.

I think the Helicycle is still running a 2 years to get all the components. Then you have a more involved build.

Hi guys, I ordered mine and paid deposit mid Jan 2010 (nearly 12mths ago). Apparently it may be shipping now (on the water to NZ??), but have had no confirmation of it leaving... bit disappointing when 6mths is supposed to be the "norm". I may have been caught up in the busiest mosquito fever to date, and fly in, new factory etc... MXE 1128
Richard, NZL  /// C? Test Dummy \\\  "I used to be a hang-glider pilot. Yeah, I remember that... day!"
Hi Richard,
I just spoke with Dwight again after reading your post and he said he will send you the info in a private email this evening.
I checked this out a little. While deliveries do slip some times we need to mention that this delivery has been held up by shipping issues for a month and a half and an addition of options such as doors has added to the delivery time as well. There's been a couple of other issues as well. We do our best but sometimes things add up to make deliveries stretch out.

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