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Radio Interference
Thanks for the info sharing & feedback. I will try the settings this week.

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I tested your suggested settings for the V6 radio. Through trial and error I ended up with "mic level 3db, Mic filter on, vox 9, Squelch 13.I now am able to hear transmissions and transmit. However, feedback from pilots hearing my transmissions are- "some static and very low volume." I still get some "popping" noise through the head set while flying. My avionics guy suggested installing a separate push to talk switch to further reduce mic noise. This helped a great deal. [Image: 4911f12b14eea8fd8d9de547eaee6e94.jpg]

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Thanks for your help.

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I am sorry, I assumed that you had a PTT switch. I am about to order the shielding for the plug wires, you might want to try that to clear up some of the static. That high squelch level might be playing a role in the quiet transmissions. I am glad you are making progress and that we are working toward a common goal. 

XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014


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