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lead lag/tracking
I think he should of had Dwight make an adjustment prior to his flight......
I'm just kidding....
Ground resonance. No adjustment in the world would prevent that.
Great thing about a semi-rigid rotor.  No worries about ground resonance!
Strange thing about that video is that an AS-350 "Astar" has a spring type mechanism on the aft portion of the skid that supposedly makes it impossible to enter ground resonance. It flexes when you land and distorts the frequency of the gear. I guess that just shows that nothing is ever impossible...

[Image: 9c8cee356fe34e47414cac263618be9a.jpg]

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There was a scene in that tv show McGyver way back in the day where a heli was landing on a rooftop and got ground resonance as the actors were jumping out. The pilot just managed to get it off the ground again in time.

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