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Bear Paws for Mosquito Helicopters
Hello Mosquito Pilots! Has anyone ever seen bear paws on a Mosquito? Bear paws are the usually plastic, attachments that go at the rear of your skids to make landing on soft ground much safer. They are common on commercial helicopters that land off airport such as in the forest, or anywhere off asphalt including wet soft grass. They are very common on R22's for training as they reduce the chance of rollover. I ask because I have them on my Rotorway and recently sold a set to a guy in Austria who put them on his single seat CH-7 which is quite a bit like a mosquito. I thought to mention them hear in case anyone might be interested. I make a set that would fit the Mosquito I think, as they fit the CH-7 skids. If anyone would like to try a pair and is willing to provide some photos and vido and some fit feedback, then I could refine a Mosquito specific mounting kit. First volunteer gets a set for free. See my website for pictures of them on the CH-7. Anyone in Ontario Canada on the forum?
600 bucks.
I'll pass.
Thanks Dave. Rollovers are pretty expensive too. 
I did mention the first person with interest was free... that's much less than $600 Smile
I'd be willing to test them out for you, sent you an email...

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Yeah, it's even cheaper to stay at home and play checkers. Seems like too little for too much, impending doom not withstanding.
Well, yes you are right. It was a bit expensive and they are now much less expensive at $329US including aviation grade mounting hardware and shipping within North America, all included for Mosquito owners! Check out Zman-64D's build gallery for photos, and ask him what he thinks of them! He noted that they made his regular landing on pavement much more of a non-event and was surprised at how much stability they add! Dynamic rollover is the biggest cause of damage to experimental helicopters... just saying Smile I won't fly without them now, and know several other pilots who were skeptical, and now like me, leave them on year round. Check out for some photos on a Mosquito. Happy flying.

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