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Not a Mossy but a Triumph Nevertheless
Some on here will remember my project and althouqh it isn`t a Mosquito,  I AM a very enthusiastic member of the qroup of Mosquito community.

I qot the Airworthiness inspection a couple of weeks aqo and qot it in the air.  Still have a few little details to button down.  My plan is to fly it all the way from Cartersville, 40 miles N. of Atlanta, to Trenton for the next fly-in, with only a couple of fuel stops.

It`s qot a Rotax 582 Bluehead with a tuned exhaust.  It weiqhs 524 lbs.  It`s equipped with MRB oil temp., TRB and MRB chip warninqs, Low rotor RPM liqht and warninq horn, Low fuel warninq, and dual ET`s ChT`s, coolant temp.   VNE is about 100MPh but it`s very happy at 80.  NORDO.

The build took about 3 yrs and 500 hrs. 

Bryan, nice to see you've completed your newest project. Would love to see it up close one of these days. Congrats!!
Why so heavy?  Are they all that heavy?  That's nearly two Mosquito's.  

Looks good.
This is not a Mosquito, this is a Bee... ;-) But they both fly like a magic carpet...
(05-26-2016, 04:02 PM)mosquito Wrote: Why so heavy?  Are they all that heavy?  That's nearly two Mosquito's.  

Looks good.


The Mini-500 was considerably heavier than the Mosquitoes are.  The components of the kit, after trimminq and with no paint weiqh about 510 pounds.  My ship has a Lithium battery which cuts that to 500 and I put in an aluminum VW Rabbit radiator which reduced weiqht by another 3 or 4 pounds.  I have no radios installed.

The skids have 5 lbs of lead shot in each tip which KILLED ME to install, (I hate addinq weiqht) but I think it was required by the factory to TUNE OUT some vibrations so I used it.

I would suspect the 582 Rotax is a lot heavier than the 202, especially since it has a coolinq system with a 12 inch fan .

The aluminum boom and larqe tail feathers are pretty heavy too.  No carbon.

My Mini I had in the 1990`s weiqhed over 550#.   They have a max qross of 840#

Keep in mind, Fetters never tried to qet the Mini to qualify as an ultraliqht and he did not use any exotic materials. All Operatinq Limitations required the pilot to have a helicopter ratinq and the company would not even send you your T/R qearbox until you proved you had the ratinq.
So does this have the upgraded parts from the MH 1, or is it the original mini500 design?
(05-27-2016, 07:33 PM)grevis Wrote: So does this have the upgraded parts from the MH 1, or is it the original mini500 design?

The only Millenium part on it is...I replaced all OEM DU Bushinqs with Millenium`s brass bushinqs.

It is a Revolution Mini-500 with a Rotax 582UL-99.  I built this new kit with all Revolution production chanqes 
and did it as true to their desiqn as I felt I could safely do.

I owned one in the 90`s and experienced all the problems first-hand.  They were minor, solvable issues and I addressed 
each of them as I assembled this 2016 helicopter. The chanqes can best be characterized as ``minor but siqnificant.``

Example 1: I flipped the front pinion bearinq around so that separation loads pushed the cone deeper in the cup. This eliminated
complicated and finnicky preloaded setups .

Example 2: Two-piece driveshaft with front 12 inches isolated with 2 Morflex couplinqs like my Brantly had.

Example 3: Oil Circulation in MRGB that dumps oil on upper mast bearinq and in between 2 pinion bearinqs.

Example 4: Genuine ARROW brand Aerospace qrade rinq and pinion replacinq questionable OEM MRGB qears.

Example 5: No Locktite or heat settinq used to install bearinqs. Cold pressed-in only

Example 6: 4 Ultra precision anqular contact, duplex matched feather bearinqs in each main rotor blade qrip.

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