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Interested in the XEL are instructions easy to follow? Are there construction, fabrication videos so you don't t a crew up a big or important piece?
If you buy the prefab option, what do you still have to fabricate?

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I have build various kit aircraft over the years and found the Mosquito to be one of the best kits I'd ever put together.
Unlike so many of the kits on the market the Mosquito is a "complete" kit, not some bits and a shopping list!
Included in the kit are the specialty tools you'll need. All the details have been thought of you even get the thread locking compound!
If you choose the quick build option there is almost no fabrication at all.
(You will still need to do a little work on the exhaust - mounts, shield and exit(have a word with the factory I'm sure you can get this pre-done for you if you ask.)
All that's left is: drilling holes, cutting tubes, pressing bearings, pulling rivets and doing up bolts!
Don't be afraid, the manual takes you through it step by step and there are many of us to offer help and guidance along the way.
You'll also find John and Dwight very helpful and responsive to questions and how do I..... type questions.
I always find the hardest part is the sanding and prep for painting. (If you want a nice finish you have to start with a nice finish!)
This is also something you can order.
The guys down in Trenton do a superb job of painting.
If painting is not your thing I'd highly recommend you get them to paint it before you take delivery of your kit.

Hope this helps...
-Mosquito sales and services Down Under-

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