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I need some advice and help!
I am 12 years old and want to get a helicopter.  The helicopter I want is the mosquito xel.  How much will this cost me?  Also I want to know how old I have to be to fly this thing around. Also I was wondering what licenses I need to fly this helicopter on my own of course.  Is there aftermarket parts for it such as glass or even net doors that connect to the frame of this helicopter.  Also is there a harness on the seat because I'm afraid I might fall out since I'm light weight.
Good day,
The answer to your questions depends on where in the world you are.
It differs dramatically from country to country...
-Mosquito sales and services Down Under-
I live in Staten Island, New York USA
Well in that case if you can buy it you can fly it... No rules no regs!
It's an ultralight
-Mosquito sales and services Down Under-

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