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7" EFIS NAV for less than $200? YES!
I just bought the Garmin Glonass Bluetooth GPS that uses all the GPS satellites from the US and all the GLONASS satellites from Russia, this very small device sends the signal via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth screen like your cell phone or any tablet or Ipad
After testing it at my cell phone I decied to buy at BestBuy a very cheap 7" tablet for $37 and I down loaded a new program from the Czchec Republic with the name Fly is Fun, this is their website

This is a fantastic program with a lot of instruments and NAV capabilities that even have a simulated radar that in fact gives you the obstacles very accurate.

This are some screens from this program and you can buy the unlimited unlocked version for just $17

And the best is that it works and have the maps of all the world!

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Looks good!
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