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RIP Ricci Martin
Very sad to read this morning that Ricci Martin passed away last Wednesday at his Utah home.  Ricci was the son of Dean Martin and a real gentleman who was a pleasure to interact with.  He was very helpful with builders on this forum and will be missed.
This was a post from his Facebook page on April 1st, 2016 It may or may not been related to his passing.
RIP Ricci

Hi sorry I had to cancel the UK dates. Here is the latest info...I was recently hospitalized From 3/15-3/18/2016 after a fall on the Ice on my front steps. I was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma as a result of the fall. During this time I was undergoing treatment for a deep vein thrombosis (DVT), for which I was taking Warfarin, a blood thinning agent.
Due to the subdural hematoma, I was unable to resume treatment for his DVT until my subdural hematoma was resolved. This puts me at a greater risk for the DVT to result in a pulmonary embolus, a potentially fatal condition. I was told by my neurologist That i cannot travel for greater than 2 hours buy air, automobile, or train, until I have resumed my treatment for DVT. I at least need 90 days on the blood thinner to address the blood clotting. I go i for another CT Scan on Wednesday for the hematoma. I truly apologize for having to cancel these date as the band and I were very much looking forward to them. I will be back as soon as possible. I promise! Wish me luck and thank you for your support, Ricci
I had never met Ricci, but he was  a gentleman and always was respectful of everyone he encountered, which is something missing in the world today. I will miss you Ricci.
XE 285  1205 (Myrtle)
Start: 8/1/2013
Finish: 5/24/2014
Arrived home: 10/11/2014

So sorry to hear that!  Ricci invited me to one of his shows while he was here in Calgary and I met him afterwards.  Great show honoring his father and a great, upbeat guy.   Sorry to see an accident like this take him away, if that was the cause.
J'avais connu Ricci uniquement par le biais du forum Mosquito Hélicoptère, nous avions échangé quelques mots sur nos constructions réciproques, c'était un garçon gentil et très courtois. Toute mes pensées à sa famille et ses proches.

I knew Ricci, only through the Mosquito Helicopter forum, we exchanged a few words about our reciprocal constructions, he was a nice boy and very courteous. All my thoughts to his family and friends.
Jean-Rémy (XE 1077 - Sud Bretagne - France)

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