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XE/XEL welding questions
How much welding is required in the construction of a XE/XEL and what type welder would you recommended?

Thanks, Robert
"Pilots - Looking down on people since 1903"
(on a shirt my daughter gave me - author unknown)
A mig welder will work fine. welding wise just the exhaust system and it won't cost much to have someone do it for you
if you don't have a welder
Chucks right not enough to justify the expense of a welder -- local shop or good buddy takes longer to set up than do the welding
Thanks for the info guys, I will not buy a welder.

I had mentioned the bit about welding on the XEL to a friend that does a lot of welding and he volunteered his services and welder.  However, he and his wife have recently moved about 8 hours from me and not being sure how much welding there was, I didn't want to work out the logistics.  It was a fairly quick decision to move on their part - acreage with a VERY old house - inherited, gotta move closer to maintain - etc.  I have visited with them and plan to do so in the future.  If the only welding needed is a very small amount on the exhaust system then I will have an excuse to visit one more time - Big Grin .

I am also wanting to weld together a tail-wheel lift/roller/main tire wheel jack system for my RV-9 and the friend had also volunteered to do that based on my drawings.

Having said all that, the friend is living in temporary quarters and will have to build or buy a new house (he's a contractor by profession).  The current temporary location is pretty darned remote and they feel it is too remote for them.  They could get snowed in for days, even weeks at a time.  He also has to clear some land at his temporary dwelling, do landscape work around the temporary dwelling, and renovations at temporary dwelling.   Then there's the new house and landscaping at new house.  To continue, there's the Wittman Buttercup he has to finish, (just got started), and the runway he has to build for the Buttercup.  If he wants me to fly there - a longer runway will be needed.  He's got his hands full.

Thanks again,
"Pilots - Looking down on people since 1903"
(on a shirt my daughter gave me - author unknown)

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