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The 23 posts in Chinese
This is the 23 Chinese posts translation to English ..........

QQ / WeChat 596403686 for transcripts of diplomas, the real embassy and the Ministry of Education certification ★ ★ Chengzhao agent ★
Guanghui International Education Center provides international students with the following services:
1. Real Education Department degree certification, the Ministry of Education Service Center for permanent archives can be checked.
2. True embassy certification (returned students to prove), the embassy archives can be confirmed through the embassy query.
3. Graduation certificates, transcripts and other full set of materials, from security to printing, from the watermark to stamp stamping, 100% identical with the school.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
Please contact Arno, our certified academic advisor
QQ: 596403686 WeChat: 596403686 Email:
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
1. Department of Education degree certification services:
So that the real permanent archive, easy to check the Internet, the absolute confidentiality of customer information, log on to verify payment.
China Education Service Center Certification (China): "foreign degree degree certification"
2. Why does your degree require further certification at home?
If you plan to develop in the country, then for the domestic Ministry of Education certification is essential.
The enterprise employing units such as banks, state-owned enterprises, civil servants,
You will be required to provide this certification when you apply. Other private, foreign enterprises, no need to provide!
For the Ministry of Education required a lot of information and cumbersome certification,
All the materials you need to provide the original, we have a wealth of experience to help you quickly integrate materials, so you detours.
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
3. IELTS, TOEFL, OFFER, reading proof, student cards and other related materials
(Apply for school, transfer, or even apply for work can be used to sign)

★ ★ Chengzhao agent: a friend to open a world, but also for their own open a door.
★ ★ Chengzhao agents: high-quality, efficient, safe for your service, and sincerely look forward to working with you a win-win situation.
★ ★ Chengzhao Agent: Recruitment of local agents, if you have spare time, are interested please contact us.
Guanghui International Education Center: entity companies, registered operators, industry benchmarking, excellence!
We survive by quality, can be interviewed, is true or false, seeing is believing,
Let you truly rest assured that the ordinary life, do my best to help you a hand Let us work together round your dream!
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
★ ★ DicK: the paste for the Guanghui International Education Center registered to hold, not to be plagiarism unscrupulous businessmen cheat! Pirates of the paste must be studied
Hey thanks for that! I've just banned the account and trimmed the posts.
-Mosquito sales and services Down Under-
(11-17-2016, 09:44 PM)mgrindel Wrote: Hey thanks for that! I've just band the account and trimmed the posts.

Unfortunately he'll probably be back under a new name.
I've cleaned and banned previous also --like the movie he'll be back
I've already cleaned and banned this guy several times. You'd think they would have better things to do with their time.
"He" is a 'bot, guys.  A soulless algorithm with deep data-mining resources.

That means they will be back and there's not a lot we can do about it.  In an international group of this size there are going to be several members who are not as assiduous about network security as they should be.  Anyone want to bet me that there isn't at least one member whose password is "mosquito"?

Then there are members who do a good job of making their passwords obscure (like "1Luv2Aut0") and change them regularly, but use a less-than-robust host like AOL, Yahoo!, or arkansasinternet& as their portal to the outside world.  Don't be fooled by the size of your "local" Internet provider.  Several years ago my DSL provider, Bellsouth, quietly moved my email host to and didn't notify anyone until it had been in place for a month.  Yahoo! has one of the worst security reputations in the industry but their growth business is supporting the email accounts of large corporations who don't want the bother.

Bottom line: there's nothing we can do about such bad actors, especially ones based in continents that have little regard for western sensibilities, like Africa and Asia.  The architecture of the Internet was not designed to deal with such threats.  I administer about a dozen discussion fora, listservers, and such, and my job has gotten exponentially harder each year.  The only thing we can do is stay on top of them, and exhort our members to change their passwords as frequently as their underwear.
N8421L Mosquito XE-285
Since they always come back under another name the best thing to do is leave the account intact but restrict posting.

That way they can still sign in but are unable to post.

I doubt the spam bot confirms their ability to post and only creates a new account when the old one is locked out or deleted.

The other thing you can do is block the domain via the firewall or filters.
I saw a good idea on a website the other day where you had to 'drag' a marker along a slider bar to confirm you were real before proceeding. Simple, fast and effective.

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