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Improve 2 stroke performance and reliability at next rebuild
I have used a few 2 stroke engines over the years on non Heli planes I fly/flew and came across this article that would apply to the Mosquito's 2 stroke engine.

The thing I like about this advice is that its an enhancement to the existing engine and not a really a change to any of the parts. Just adding a coating to the cooling fins and exhaust, piston balancing etc.

It should increase HP by reducing temps and overall improve the reliability of an existing already reliable power plant.

I'm not saying the entire article is 100% applicable but much of it is.

Something to consider if you are doing a rebuild of your 2 stroke engine and want to improve its operation/reliability with minor additional work.

(Link and same attached as a PDF in case the link stops working)

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.pdf   Bulletproofing the 503.pdf (Size: 285.09 KB / Downloads: 28)
Articles like this are a good read but can spread a lot of misinformation leading to the black magic mystique surrounding engines. I suspect that most of the gains this guy received are in the line where he changes jetting and props.
For instance a change in rpm from 6000 to 7200 with the same prop is a huge increase in power, 44%, not 12. I also do not understand how balancing your pistons could lead to a 10% increase in power. There is no scientific connection there. Reduce vibration for sure but not increase power. Coatings that are meant to reduce heat transfer into material have some basis in that they will slightly reduce conductive heat if they have a much lower thermal conductivity and also will reduce heat through reflection of radiant heat. Using a coating to get heat out of material seems a bit less apparent to me. The addition of a coating will change the surface to a more radiant one which will more than compensate for the added thermal barrier it imposes? Need to get some more facts on that. Extracting heat out of your exhaust will not affect power anyway since there is no connection other than a possible change of wave speed in the pipe which would mean the exhaust was incorrectly designed in the first place. Extracting heat from the outside of the cylinder fins will actually result in a loss of power since more of the combustion heat will transfer into the cooler cylinder walls.
As always, you have to wonder that if these simple changes make such a huge difference why do engine manufacturers not use them.
All that said, I appreciate any helpful articles and input on the forum, I just want to make sure we keep things as scientific as possible to avoid misinformation.
And here I thought I was going to make low earth orbit in my 285 with just a few mods.

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