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Lost Servicemen in Greenland
Received a very interesting call on the weekend.  They need a Mosquito Air that can be disassembled and flown to their location for reassembly and use.
 Please check out the request below and let Jim or myself know if you are interested in helping out.  Would be an amazing experience!

I am currently looking for a mosquito and pilot. We are a group of aviators searching for lost servicemen from the World War II era in Greenland that are lost deep below the polar ice cap. We like the idea of having a small mosquito helicopter that would have a 15 lbs compact fixed antenna to cover a search area. Estimated time on the ice would be 4-6 days. We had considered using a drone however we would be limited in a few capacities. Our group is called Hot Point Solutions, we are a nonprofit organization  We are working with the US Coast Guard, the DPAA and the department of defense on a volunteer basis in search of our missing airman hoping to bring them home to their families. Please advise if either you or someone you know has this type of aircraft and would be interested in such an endeavor. My name is Jim Salazar and I can be reached at [url=tel:(626)%20712-0700]626-712-0700[/url] otherwise

I would think that if an air would work then so would an XEL/XE. They are probably thinking about the weight and air freight charges so less is better.

I imagine the boom and rotor blades being removed is the extent of the dis-assembly.

I wonder if they need a fully rated heli pilot. Not sure if Greenland has Ultralight/no License category.

Sounds like a great adventure for a Mosquito owner/pilot. Surely one of the 400+ owners will jump all over this opportunity plus being able to claim bragging rights of being the first and perhaps last Mosquito pilot having flown over the polar ice cap while its still there.

Take pictures and video please.

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