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hot air balloon and helicopter
(01-10-2017, 11:47 AM)mauri Wrote:

This is the English translation.....

The appointment and 'at 8:30 am at the entrance of Campo Aerlight flight to Faenza, a beautiful grassy strip in the fertile countryside of Faenza. It is okay ... but 'we are in summer and very cold mischievous. timely arrival and "roll my" eyes when I see the temperature: -6 for me and not just for me freezing cold, a cold that will also freeze the words when you say it. I promised to the Aerlight friends to be present at this nice event and I can not betray their trust and courtesy. Now he has to fly a hot air balloon of the kids "Diamond" a local company that manufactures, rents hot air balloons, balloons, advertising balloons etc. etc. and it 'a fairly unusual occurrence on this airfields and in this winter with Siberian-polar climate.
The Blue Diamond Ducato van arrives and go down a few bold lads Romagna that in less than no time preparing the balloon to inflate and then for the volo.Rimango enchanted by their preparation, speed 'in setting up for all ,; the only movements that however I do and 'beat the ice so that the grass standing partner wild with pleasure of stepping on the gravel and take some pictures; I also have problems with the camera 'cause with gloves that I wear I can not shoot, I'm not used !!!!!! In less than no time the balloon is gonfinado and a simple shapeless mass enclosed in a bag, it opens like a colorful flower and takes the characteristic shape. Two powerful jets of hot air always swell the more 'until with the crew already' inside the basket detaches suddenly and fly as fast at the top; more and more 'in another and become a little spot up there'. Today, however, 'not' alone in the sky: a beautiful ultralight helicopter Mosquito XE construction unibody into a single structural element offering a aerodimanica cleanliness and aesthetics of 'Amico Maurizio Barberis follows her for some shooting air to air. It 'hard to see this unusual formation !!!!! I would wait for the return but maybe I'm not sure .. not to stand still to wait do some laps around the melancholy monument of G.91Y donated to Aerlight Air Force then I it throws in the car with the heater on but are weary and decided to return.
Once this too cold not have defeated me .... but now I surrendered
Thanks Jim for translation.

this is the video that I shot in the air with mosquito
La vostra accoglienza Mauri, grazie per un altro grande video. Chiedo solo, quante ore avete sul vostro XE ora? È il motore corrente motore originale e se non quante ore si trova sul motore di ora?

the engine is the original one, i currently have 190 hours

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