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A few questions...
Starting to seriously think about a  Mosquito sitting in my hangar but have a few questions.

* I live in Arizona...any "unique" needs to protect the bird from the harsh effects of the desert environment? Leading edges of the MRB's and TRB's? Any other parts needing an extra level of protection? Filters?

* What are folks thinking about the impending ADSB requirements. Anyone put together a compact solution?

I spent 5 years as an Aerial Gunner on USAF Blackhawks (Pave Hawk) and have a PPL helo (R-44). I am a fixed wing pilot flying for a very large business jet operator and currently working on a Challenger 350 type rating. I also am involved in general aviation....and yearn for having a helicopter in my life!!! Big Grin

Here is my current toy...

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I fly a Mosquito out of my home just outside El Paso. High density altitude and sand are always a concern. I have used 3M tape on the leading edges of the blades with good success. Hovering a bit higher also helps. Filters can be cleaned in just a few minutes, and I do so weekly. I would recommend the 285 or turbine for your location, either one will provide plenty of power. ADS-B out is probably not going to be the challenge I thought a year ago. Many solutions will be available, the only issue being available panel space. I have a couple hangars at KELP, and will need to comply in 2020. One thing is for sure, my Mosquito is the most flying fun I've ever experienced, and I've been around for a while. Hope to see you become a owner, and hear from you on this site.
Dave Rains
Dave, thanks! I am looking more at the 285 due to more play time. I like turbines but not the limitations that come with them. It appears the 285 has nearly identical performance as the XET so I am struggling to see the advantage.

Thanks again for the input!
Dan...I shot you an email/PM.

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