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New Turboprop for Ultralight from Stuttgard

Sound good but cost the price of the XE kit...
This is what they need to put on that Air2 in europe, lots lighter than the Ul350 and same power.
(05-15-2017, 06:58 PM)grevis Wrote: This is what they need to put on that Air2 in europe, lots lighter than the Ul350 and same power.

Right !
Hi all,

I know that this is an older thread but the topic is still hot since there seems to be no recent turboshaft engine on the market (that size and hp) that was primarily made for the purpose of being an aircraft engine in the broadest sense. 
When I first saw this thread and checked the website I thought this is some kind of a hoax. There are people who do this all the time creating a fake portfolio with stolen information and pictures, but tracing the pictures via google I found, granted unexpected, more information. Based on that information I think this is real and the turboshaft engine is mounted on a real aircraft and had some ground testing, but is likely a one-man show so it seems to be questionable if we will see something like that available in the near future.

Are there any other commercially available solutions out there other than the conversions?

Some update for all who might be interested in this topic. Just out of curiosity I dropped the guy an e-mail a couple of weeks ago, asking how far this project is and what we can expect in the future. It took him a while to answer, actually 4 weeks, but then I found an email where he stated that the project is getting behind due to available resources. 

Finally he pointed me to a new video on his website showing the "one button" start of the engine. However, I am a little wondering about that there is no actual flying video  yet.

Ok somehow the embedded video doesn't work

This link may solve the problem

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