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Problem with my ignition on my Air

I am having trouble with one coils in my ignition. One day one side just stopped firing.  I have verified both coils are good.  My grounds are good.  I have 2 good cdi's.  I have replaced my voltage reg. and my toggle switch up front.  I have trouble shot this down to what I think is the wiring harness but when I pull it all apart nothing is loose and it looks ok.  This aircraft has worked great for a while.  I'm sure it something easy but I am completely stumped.  Any ideas.  BTW everything is working on the aircraft except for one set of plug wires

I also need a detailed wiring diagram for the whole aircraft.  I looked all on the forum but didn't find what I was looking for.  Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Thanks everyone for your help
what engine do you have ?
the 202 and he found the issue - a bad magnetic pickup
I had a similar issue with my Hirth engine. I finally found that there was a bad connection in the coil and one tab broke off in my hand. Replaced the coil and problem solved. Good luck!

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