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I saw it on Daily Planet!
i am 16 years old and im scared of heights but when i saw that on daily planet i was hooked....its amazing to see a solo helicopter! Keep up the great work
I'm in Canada, and saw it on Discovery Channel (Daily Planet) here too. What a cool idea, and MAN I wish I had the cashola to buy one of those babies. A simple design, and it is practicable and could be useful for a number of applications. (Farmers could use this baby to herd cattle, check on outlying areas, etc.) Anyways, congrats to the inventor, and I think you've got a great product. Jason-Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. Smile
i saw it on D.C ...and i was amazed that such a thing actually existed.....i will definetliy be getting me one of these......I mean what else can you buy for like 22000 , that lets you fly with NO licence.......just gotta start saving$$$$$ Sad ..... i hope they mass produce it and bring the price down a liitle bit more....
It was great to see the stabilty and maneuverabilty of this machine. Stability on a small, light helicopter can be a big challenge, one that seems to be met in this design! I can't view your link to the video in the MSN I.E. viewer. Can it be made available for other viewers?
Jerry Forest
Pres., Toronto Rotorcraft Club
PRA Chapter 11, RAA Chapter 4911
Hey, I found the right link further down the home page. Thanks.
Yes, I saw the Helicopter on the Discovery Channel as well. I was blown away by it. I have built scale model helicopters and also have family that owns/works at Delta Helicopter in St Albert (AB) and Yellowhead Helicopter (Valemount, BC). I have requested the DVD and plan to look into this very seriously.

ya im in canada to once i saw it on Discovery planet (for me i think was 2 years a go i saw it) i was always trying to find it on google but i didnt type in the right stuff then just a 2 days ago i found this website on google ever since i've been looking at all the great stuff on it. just 10 mimutes ago i started this acount (i forget what its called) and ever since ive been learning how i could buy one once im older .and i'd like to say thank you to all the military helicopter pilots (and all the others) out there for doing such a great job. once a graduate i hope to join the military and fly helicopters, i just can't decide witch one i want to. so far my favorite is the Uh-1 (huey) but its kind of out of date for todays i think the newest one i like is the uh-60 (black hawk?).

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