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Would you like to see a two seater Mosquito?
Use the above poll to let us know whether you would like to see a two seater version of the Mosquito in the future.
Definitely, need a trainer and or an aircraft that will allow you to enjoy the flight with a loved one
Need a two seater or more carrying capacity, as I am 245 lbs. Max on the Helicylce is 220. Would like the one seater if it could carry more weight. Smile
Hey John,

Any chance you have started the design of a 2-seater yet? No rush... just curious. I don't know if you have seen the CH7 "Kompress" helicopter, but I stumbled onto their website last week. It looks interesting. It is a tandem 2-seater with a Turbocharged Rotax 912 for power. It looks a little cramped in the cockpit, however I think that they based the design on a single seat version with very little room added, if any for the second seat. The tandem seating looks good, (kind of gives it a military attack helicopter look) and probably reduces a lot of weight distribution issues between flying solo and two-up.

I look forward to your design. I'm sure that it will be simpler, cheaper, and better built than the Rotorway. (With it's tail-drive belts and main rotor chain. )

I am that guy who voted no. I like the mosquito for what it was designed to be- a helicopter that allows joe to fly without the FAA all up in his business. A true part 103
ultralight helicopter. If you want your loved one to fly with you, then tell them to buy their own mosquito and follow you around. I promise you it will still be cheaper than
buying a two seat mosquito if one ever comes out. There is no such thing as adding a larger engine and throwing a second seat behind the pilot on a machine that’s purpose
was to meet such strict weight requirements. A two seat mosquito would no longer be a mosquito! It would be a high maintenance expensive experimental bumble bee that
joe would have to have a license to fly.

Disclaimer: Although "joe" does not need a license for an ultralight, UH-60driver strongly recommends he gets proper training before attempting to fly his or his loved ones
Thanks for your thoughts UH60... however I am not simply looking for a "2 seat ultralight Mosquito" I fully realize the chances of having a 2 seat part 103 compliant machine are slim to none. For us folks up here in Canada (and other parts of the world) there is no ultralight classification for helicopters, so if we buy a Mosquito we need full license and registration regardless of the weight of the machine. I am simply hoping that someone like John who has proven himself to be quite talented at designing machines, will someday design a "relatively" inexpensive yet well designed 2 seater. That's all.
I'm with you Andy. I do plan to build a two seater as we've discussed elsewhere in the forum. It definitely will not be an ultralight trainer. I want it to be a utility helicopter that will have a high useful load, look good, let you fly with someone beside you so you can work or talk together, and serve as a crop sprayer or load carrying machine when you don't have a passenger aboard. One of the most exciting things about this machine is that I won't be constrained by ultralight weight limits which will make things a lot easier and open up a lot of design options.
Sorry, I was to quick on the draw. Meant to vote Yes but clicked No by mistake. So only 4 said No. Sad
Unsure how to answer that. With all the great 2 seaters already out there, i,e. Rotorway, R22, Sweitzer's 269 and 300C, Hughes, Bell 47, Hiller, Safari, just to mention a few, how would you change the design to entice rotorhead lovers?
I posted yes, but this is also depending on the rotorhead design.

The Mosquito is one of the most stable helicopters, and this is from the fact of the rotorhead design.

If you could design a 2 seater that utilizes the same basic system, it would be very stable, and I believe it is needed for just that.

James L

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