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Would you like to see a two seater Mosquito?
I think the two seater will be in a crowded market. If it can be built so that it sells for around $60K it will be a big hit assuming reasonable performance.

A two seater will be a "cross country" machine in a lot of peoples minds, so it will have to have reasonable cruise speed, and decent range. Since I am a big fan of what John has done, I am inclined to believe he can do it.


I was impressed with John's design of the Mosquito Air since I first saw it at Oshkosh in 2003. From that first exposure to it, I had to have one. Subsequent design and current evolution of the XE, XEL, XET, XE3, the coming AIR 3 have proven the design and manufactoring talents of Dwight Junkin and the Trenton Factory gang to be second to none. If the Trenton gang is part of any new 2 place design/manufacturing....I got to see this new bird!

It will be a competitive force to be reconed with.

My 2 cents


If you can keep the cost reasonable and include the turbine engine that would be worth the wait!!!
I think there should be engine options. I would like to see the Lycoming O-360, it's bullet proof, and will sip fuel compared to a turbine.
whatever engine is used, I hope it is injected if it is a piston. The Robbies have a lot of carb ice problems. Maybe really different, a tandem rotor machine -- then you could just use two of the XE rotors and reduce parts count in the manufacturing effort.

Chinook Junior!
There will be engine options but initially we'll likely start with the fuel injected 0-320. I hate carb heat myself, losing an engine to carb ice in this day and age seems ridiculous.
I would definately love to own a two seater, I love to fly and so does my wife and kids... We live in the Texas Panhandle, with lots of small lakes and ponds nearby. It would be a great way for us to get out and have a lot of fun. Not too mention that most of my family lives within an hours drive and it would be a fast, economical & fun mode of transportation to get from here to there.

PS - As for the name, you could name it "The Other Woman" such as my wife has nicknamed my boat.
I think that dependant upon the design and final cost, you'd find that you may have a greater market than the single seater here in OZ, but Blair would be best to comment on that. Eitherway, I'd definitely be interested.

I know this is still hyperthetical Mr Uptigrove, but what would be your preferred seating arrangement, side by side or one behind the other? I ask, as I've done some rough sketches (out of my own interest) keeping in mind the mosquitos recognizable shape and side by side could effectively distort the 'mosquito shape' too much. Your input would be appreciated
I would love to have a two seat Mosquto. If the cost is right.
Well.....I liked the "AIR" from the first time I saw it. I've thought about the others, but for me here in the South Texas bush country, the AIR is my choice. Plus, it's lighter than the others, cost less, faster to get the kit parts, so on and so on. I'm sold on the AIR, however, I would like to see this new chopper come to being. I'll more than likely never own one, as owning the AIR is all I'm able to handle at this point, but it would be great to see this 2 seater evolve and come into being. Hopefully, John's company would really hit it big, sort of like Rans did. I'm all for that! A vote? Sure, I'd vote yes to the two seater, but I'll remain quite happy with my AIR, flying me through cow pastures and just over the Mesquites and barbed fences.

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