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Would you like to see a two seater Mosquito?
Yes, I would like to see a two seater. It would be nice to be able to take a friend or family member along, Besides Rotorway has dominated the market for years in my opinion. I called ahead one year and made arrangements to tour the facility, check out the Rotorway and to ask if they had truck parking. When I arrived there I told them I had an appointment to see a sales rep. The Receptionist sent me into the display room. I was in there for 2 hrs before someone finally came in only to tell me (I was in my early 20's) that I could not afford one of these and left. And OTR truck drivers make pretty good money. So if Rotorway was the only homebuilt helicopter on the market, as much as I would want one, I still couldn't buy one. So that was 13 yrs ago and it still gets to me. Keep up the good work John I would definately consider one if not at least a XET or something.
I'd love to see a 2 seater, but for now I just want to get XET 1099 up and flying so I'll settle for my bird right now. I think all the current models are great in their own right and serve the purpose to each and every person and thier individual goals and desires. A 2 seater would be a great addition but I think we all are very lucky with what we have now and hope to keep making the current models better and more reliable. We can all wish to have 4 seat twin engine ship that will cheaper and more reliable than anything else on the market buts lets be realistic too. I would love to own a brand new bell 407 or a MD 500 but I would need to change my cash flow and upgrade my tax bracket too to be able to do so. I am very happy with the ship I am building and what it does right now for the money. We can all dream, but the simple fact is we can't all be designers otherwise we would all have our own designs instead of buying a mosquito kit. My hats off to John and the junkin boys for giving us all aircraft with choice and personal options in the different models that are already available. I know when the two seat does come out it will be well though out and it will provide yet another option for us to choose from. As I do support the two seater, lets not forget to support the ships we aleady have.
here here
Very well put.
John U.
Keep up the good work! We're all counting on you. (No pressure) hahaha
It is a month later. Do you have any updates on the two-seater? I think it is a goldmine. Keep pushing hard to get one built. If you need anyone to flight test it, I will raise my hand. Let us make it happen. I’m anxious.
yes... Yes... YES !!!
I would like to see one sonething like this. a ex Eurocopter engineer build this one. It is currently easa certified. and from what I understand Eurocopter is supporting them.It looks like a baby ec120 without the turbine(it has a io 360 Lycoming 4 cyl). It would be cool to have a turbine option also. The only problem with this one is the price 240000 euro roughly $350000 US
a 2 seater is a must. side by side seating seems to be a good choice. and a o-360 engine is the best choice. i had one go to 3,150 hrs in a rv-6. sold it for $8,000 and bought a new one and started o time. we are in for a great ride with the mosquito guys. hang on. sit down. hold on to that cyclic. heli flying is the best!!!!!!!! turbo in the bvi, pain killers rule.

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That Cabri is a fantastic little helicopter but way out of reach. I think John and Dwight will eventually come up with something that is much simpler and way more affordable. I think staying with a two bladed, semi-rigid head and a normal tail rotor is key as these two features are much more affordable, dependable, easy to design, easy to build, easy to maintain and more efficient to operate. The real magic needs to be in the design of the drive train and fuselage and that's what Dwight and John do very well.
Let's face it Guys,

If there is a two seater Mosquito the ultralight classification is out the window because of the weight meaning a lot of you would need to get a heli rating. Not to mention unless you build it you will not have a Repairman certificate to work on it. And last but not least, two seat helis seem to cost almost twice as much as single seat birds. On the other hand if you are "Loaded with Dollar$" it does not matter.

In my humble opinion the Mosquito is the heli for the masses. Now I just need to get one!

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Finish: 5/24/2014
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