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Would you like to see a two seater Mosquito?
I decided not to go with this because altitude has a say in this equation. People would become dependent on this always working and would rely on it at any altitude which would then not help them but be the cause of their death. Haveing the helicopter strapped to you is the incentive needed to learn how to make good judgment calls. If only the product was being sold to people who train and fly, then fly and train, i wouldnt have a problem with this on a helicopter.
what kind of price range are we going to be looking at?
Any more updates on this Mr. Mosquito?
A two seater in tandem designed to look like an Apache or an old Cobra copter would attract a lot of attention. Think about it John. Would an affordable Apache looking copter make you stop to check it out at Oshkosh?
What would be the cost? What type engine would be required?
I think it's reasonable to assume that cost, engine type, seating arrangement, and other details won't be worked out until it's a finished design, as they're all dependent on each other.

No sense in asking things that can't be answered yet. At best, you'd just get a guess that won't be valid when the design phase is over, and may change again once/if production starts.

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