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Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)
Has anyone compiled a basic POH for the Mosquito XE line?

I would venture to guess that with most of the aircraft being home-built individual models that there would be variations in final weights and balance numbers, but is it safe to assume that, post flight testing of the XE models, that some sort of information was put together including weight and balance charts, performance envelopes, In Ground Effect and Out of GE performance charts?

My R-22 POH has safety procedures that may be standardized across many lightweight piston helicopters, but also has some more detailed/specific procedure set up guidlines, such as when entering a practice auto, it is preferred to be at 65KIAS (my CFI always said 70 knots) and at or above 500ft while maintaining main rotor RPM between 97% and 110%. I have the mantra "Down, Right, Roll, Aft, Bump", ingrained in my head. Drop the collective Down, simultaneously apply Right pedal, Roll off the throttle, pull the cyclic Aft to enter glide downdraft configuration, and finally Bump the collective to keep the main rotor from overspeeding.

I am interested in purchasing an XET in the near future, but I do not have any turbine experience and would want to read through the procedures that are specific to the operation of the turbine.
I have heard that question being asked here before about a Pilot Operating Handbook.

Once you are an owner I believe there is one available but if you contact user "Mosquito" directly he may provide one.

Apart from that I have seen youtube vids showing the XET startup procedure and with the steps explained. Not complicated at all but unfamiliar to piston folks probably.

As far as engine operation/maintenance goes the Turbine Engine builder for Mosquitos could provide that info, not sure who the individual is that does that but I think he was a separate person/company from the Mosquito Kit builders and the Mosquito company.

Perhaps someone here can provide contact info?
Hi there is a standard Pilot Operating Handbook included in the kit construction manual.
All owners/builder are entitled to a copy.
Best to speak to your local representative.
-Mosquito sales and services Down Under-
I like many others like to do as much research as possible before making a purchase decision and going through a POH is definately on the list. A prospective owner really wants to know what the typical preflight and operation looks like along with scheduled maintenance tasks.

Is there any reason why non-owners should not have access to the POH online?

Is that something that can be provided to us interested parties?

For another perspective on POH's as a sales tool, I can tell you that on another aircraft that I was interested in, there was a POH freely available that was so well written and answered so many questions that it got me off the fence and bought the aircraft.
After many years I ended up buying a second one too.
We've bundled the assembly manual, operator manual and maintenance manual all into one so do not have a separate operator manual. We don't want to have the assembly manual as open source material since it contains a lot of information about the helicopter that can make it easier for those with that type of mentality copy it. I've already run into that issue a couple of times and so want to make sure I'm not aiding them in any way. Most any questions you have about any of the models are answered in the specifications section or by an email or phone call to me or one of our dealers.
I get the Assembly part and wanting to protect the design but I think not having the POH available separate to read through is a missed opportunity.  Even if its only included in an information package at a nominal cost to weed out the casual tire kickers.

Just a thought to help spread the enthusiasm for the Mosquito and to help "set the hook" for those on the fence.

GSARMedic, here is an interesting video for you on turbine startup:

Here is some info on the Solar T62T2A Turbine that is modified for use on the Mosquito.

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