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Experimental aircraft can't be used for hire, correct?
Just thought it'd be really cool to use a mosquito for pipeline patrol or something of that nature. You could do it much cheaper than the guys using R22's and R44's.

Any exceptions to the rule?
91.319...(e) 2 tow a glider (right...) and flight training exception. You would need more than a PPL-H to fly for hire anyway. I'm with you though, wouldn't it be nice to take pictures for sale, maybe do traffic for a local radio for cheap (more like for fun)?
Will work for free but donations and tips gratefully received. lol
Here's what FAR 91.319 states regarding experimental aircraft.

(a) No person may operate an aircraft that has an experimental certificate--
(1) For other than the purpose for which the certificate was issued; or
(2) Carrying persons or property for compensation or hire.
(b) No person may operate an aircraft that has an experimental certificate outside of an area assigned by the Administrator until it is shown that--
(1) The aircraft is controllable throughout its normal range of speeds and throughout all the maneuvers to be executed; and
(2) The aircraft has no hazardous operating characteristics or design features.
© Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator in special operating limitations, no person may operate an aircraft that has an experimental certificate over a densely populated area or in a congested airway. The Administrator may issue special operating limitations for particular aircraft to permit takeoffs and landings to be conducted over a densely populated area or in a congested airway, in accordance with terms and conditions specified in the authorization in the interest of safety in air commerce.
I think the passenger transport and transport of property Is the main issue but I would not push it. But if you are flying in a single place aircraft (only you not capable of carrying anything else) out in the middle of nowhere with no passengers or property only you? (personal transportation)looking at pipes or powerlines? But what little I know about pipeline inspection most of it is done by ground(I know some of it is done by air to, Know a couple of pilots that have flown both missions) so the air operator flys the inspector out to the site. Next ? is are you a certified pipe inspector? If so you could probably charge transportation cost(Your Mosquito, personal transportation to the site) to the company you are working for to the remote site I would Ask a FAA official he'll probably say that it is a commercial flight since you are making money. you will be cutting into the commercial aircraft operators with the million dollar+/- certified helicopters money so the answer is probably no. Sad
I live in Canada and have my commercial helicopter pilots license. Would love to use the XE3 for pipeline, aerial photos, traffic, pilot training and search and rescue. Has john started looking at getting this or his new models a regular certificate of airworthiness I would be down to helping get this done. I believe there would be a niche market this baby could fill if it could be used commercially. buying the helicopters not the issues its being able to use it to make money that is.
very good post. there are alot of great post from the past that needs to be brought to current forums. Flying is to be read in leagalese. it says "persons", which is no singuler. you just hope that some judge doesnt say persons include you and one other person. it is definitly interesting. there is more after sub paragraph ©:
(d) each person operating an aircraft that has an expiremental certificate shall:
(2) operate, under day VFR only, unless otherwise specifically by the administrator and
(3) notify the control tower of the experimental nature of the aircraft when operating the aircraft into out of airports with operating control towers
Here in Michigan the powerline/Edison companies require a large turbine helicopter to fly those patrol missions, the flight school I trained at has been bidding on those contracts for a couple years and recently lost out because we use all piston powered helicopters.....
Stuff that would have to happen in canada for the mosquito to be used commercially
We would need for sure
Probably everything thats in the R22 manual but for the mosquito
-Lifetime hours on parts
-mandatory service at so many hours
-certified type mechanic

And I also believe they have to be put together in a factory in Canada or the US. Don't think home building would be allowed unless its inspected by the type mechanic

Canadian Airworthiness page
Certainly allot of stuff has to be done for it to be used commercially
Everything from crash safety, instruments, maximum glide ratio, chip lights and the such.
I will keep reading to see what it would take to get it done.

Defiantly not a small process.
what does it take in the US for the FAA to approve a type certification or a certificate of air worthiness?
I'm in Canada too, just wondering if any more info/progress has been made on this front.
I stumbled across this faa site while browsing around last night. It's not an airworthiness cert, but it would at least be a step forward for the Mosquito...

I'm not sure what exactly goes into the eligibility of the program, but it would probably be worthwhile to look into...

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