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Inntec 800 conversion
I am helping a buddy to convert his helo from the old carberated engine to the Inntec 800. I have questions. Does any one have a good wiring diagram that they made or know of that I can use for this? I am in need of a pressure regulator for the return line and need part number and where to get it. Need correct throttle cabel and parts for conversion. I have the main buss sorted out for now but need engine manual for proper color codes for engine harness. 

This is just a start. I came into this cold and picking up from where other person left off and will be doing a lot of rework.

THanks and reply any way you want, gonna need lots of help.
The factory could help out. I called them when I wired my 800. Check for ADs and Manual updates for the 800. You will find them on Tapatalk.

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You can also get the original arctic cat 800 snowmobile electrical drawing off the internet quite easy.
The wiring diagram is in the manual. Are you using the manual?
(02-27-2018, 04:00 PM)mosquito Wrote: The wiring diagram is in the manual. Are you using the manual?
Yes I am. How ever I trying to gain more insight as how others have wired their systems to ensure every thing is correct as the manual is a bit vague on the complete wiring of the craft. Also I need to locate and purchase a fuel pressure regulator and the proper throttle cable and accessories.

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My kit was missing some throttle cable parts and had a cable housing from a bad batch that was unuseable so I found everything I needed at
Once you look on the website it should be easy to find the right bits when you measure your throttle lever on the motor and twist grip on collective

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