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Inntec 800 reliability
Hi XE285-Owners,
can you tell me something about the reliability of the Inntec 800 in your Mosquito?
How many hours have you on it? 
Has there ever been any problems and if so, which ones?
I would be particularly interested in a comparison in terms of reliability with the Rotax 912/14, which I know very well. Can one expect a similar reliability of the Inntec 800 in the XE285? Answering this question will decide,whether to buy a MOSQUITO or not (and I have the XE285 in mind ).
Honestly: I am alarmed by the accident recently in Odessa!
Thank you for your answers.
The most comparative Rotax engine would probably be the 582.
Lets put things in perceptive,
The Inntec 800 is a 160Hp motor designed to run at 8400RPM all day long and capable of delivering full HP all day long.
We never demand more that 45Hp from it and run at a constant 6000RPM.
You'll find your using around 1/4 throttle while flying, so if this motor does not outlast me then I'm not treating it well.
Keep it clean, check your electrics and plumbing, replace filters often, give it good fuel and high quality oil and it will give you many many years of faithful service.
Neglect it, feed it bad fuel and oil and.... you'd better practice your autos, you'll be doing more autos than you planed for...
-Mosquito sales and services Down Under-
Of course I have to handle the engine well - that's a requirement. 
Nevertheless, again my question to the Inntec 800 owner: How many hours do you have on the clock? Did you have problems?
I ask that too, because many people warn me to entrust my life to a heli with a 2 stroke engine and I think only practical experience can convince me. ..

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