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Low Passes
camera is -3ft of the ground it was fun doing filming this Smile
(04-21-2018, 03:55 AM)NatureRecycleFlorida Wrote: camera is -3ft of the ground it was fun doing filming this Smile

That was a neat video.  Is that a trio of RV's that I see?

"Pilots - Looking down on people since 1903"
(on a shirt my daughter gave me - author unknown)
Van's Aircraft RV-9 (dragon tail) Flying Phase 1
nice video looks like a lot of fun... a little lower and you could have called it a full power landing, at least one of them.
thanks for watching it was awhile ago that i filmed this so i think there was a few rvs there .
one of the planes the wings were below the camera height so there's that
Nice filming, indeed. But I kinda like taking pics more than filming. I used to take pics of fast-moving objects, like owls, for instance. As you understand, it's impossible to get a decent quality pic without using a proper camera and a flash trigger. If you are interested in taking pictures, I'll leave a link for those who wanna see how flash triggers work - No ads intended, I use the trigger of another model as well.

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