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Delivery Method for Factory-Built Mosquito
If one were to purchase a factory-built Mosquito (in my case, delivery would be to the United States), would the completed helicopter be flown to the new owner? Delivered crated via a freight company? Teleported?

Just curious.
I think it would be up to you whether you wanted to drive down to Trenton and pick it up or if you wanted to factory to ship it to you in a box. I am sure if you had enough money, Dwight would even fly it to your house for you. Wink

I'm kinda partial to the idea of a crate covered with "ACME" stickers arriving via dump truck. Big, Bluto-lookin' guy with about an inch of cigar left barks "Hey buddy, where do you want it?" then, ignoring my instructions, deposits the crate on my front lawn, departing loudly in a puff of diesel smoke...

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