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Hired help in the States???

Have you though of or given any consideration of outsourcing certified Mosquito builders to complete and test the line up for customers in the states in different areas of the states? Maybe have something along the lines of a Mosquito dealer.
Building your own Mosquito would no doubt be a sence of pride and accomplishement, however most folks do not have the time even as a weekend project to build thier helicopter and may get frustrated and give up.
A completed Mosquito I think would promote more sales and if options were offered like training and possibly finnancing the face value factor could play a major roll.
From what I can tell this is a great and safe product and could change the way we look at daily transportation for the lower/middle class population. As well as giving the gift of flight that most of us only dream of.

We have both a builder and dealers in the US and elsewhere in the world. Most are just coming on as we just recently decided to go this way so they are receiving their kits and getting on board now. You can have your helicopter built for you at the Florida factory for $4500.
Just out of curriousity and maybe this is something I could talk to you offline about, but what are the requirements for that? I am a Helicopter Mechanic by trade and would love to start or help in the process of a franchise. If that is something you have even considered doing.
I worked on UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopters for the last 10 years as a mechanic where we did complete dissasembly for Phase inspections. I also was a crew chief on that same airframe. Not too many aviation jobs without an A & P license of which I dont have yet. If this is something I could look into further please let me know. Or if you could let me know what requirements that you have for such outsourced builders. Thanks.

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