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Mosquito iOn (fully electric driven XE) Project
Hi Mosquito Community,
I am the Mosquito Helicopter Agent for Southern Africa (I help with the website and forum as well, this is why my user name is Mosquito_Admin). I have personal reasons to close this business. I am not a good helicopter pilot; my qualities are on the technical side, especially when it comes to Avionic and Electronic.
Since more than 1 ½ years I am working on the “Mosquito iOn”. A fully electric driven Mosquito XE!
Before I started to invest time and money I made sure that I have the support from the Mosquito developer. John Uptigrove know about the project and is willing to assist when it comes to motor mountings and mountings of the battery packs. Otherwise he is not involved!
I made a 1:1 model of the relevant components of the Mosquito XE from acryl glass, just to be able to see all the cabling and connectors in the development phase and to be able to make at a later stage the harnesses for the final version. The 1:1 model helped also to find the right space for all the new components which are totally different to a petrol driven Mosquito.
As a result of closing the business I sold my demo XE285 which were planned to be converted. It doesn’t make any sense to go ahead with my Mosquito iOn without having a Mosquito helicopter which I can convert.
I spend hundreds of hours in calculation, drawings, sourcing, installations, settings, etc. It would be so sad if I did all of this for nothing and if the project will just die.
Before I start selling the components now piece by piece I like to give it at least a try to find somebody who like to take this project over.
Please: Before you consider taking this project over you need to know that you need to spend some money and unfortunately it is a lot!
I paid for the main components about 9.000 USD
The main components are:
- Motor (Emrax 268 Combined Cooled, 370V, permanent power >  60kw (82hp) (4.500 Euro)
- Resolver LTN RE-15-1A15 (400 Euro)
- Controller Unitek BAMOCAR PG-D3-400-400-RS with connectors (3.200 Euro)
- BMS (Battery Management System) Elithion Lithiumate Pro Master with High Voltage Front Ends
  Complete System with all connectors (1.250 USD)
For the MGL Avionics I paid about 6.600 USD
The MGL Components are:
- MGL iEFIS Explorer 8.5” Regular (2.500 USD)
- MGL iBox (1.150 USD)
- MGL Electronic Circuit Breakers - ECB (425 USD)
- MGL Switch Kit - 8 piece (125 USD)
- MGL Extender (250,00 USD)
- MGL Engine RPM and Rotor RPM Indicator 2 ¼, Infinity RV-1 (245 USD)
- MGL Altimeter and Airspeed Indicator 2 ¼”, Infinity ASX-1 (385 USD)
- MGL Magnetic Current Sensor for EFIS (50,00)
- MGL VHF Radio R6 Remote  (1.150 USD)
- Sirio MD 118-137 Aviation Antenna (60 USD)

For other stuff I paid far over USD 1.500 (but let leave it at 1.500)
Some examples of “other stuff”:
- Voltage regulator (RPM Control)
- 25A Automatic Fuse
- High Voltage Step Relay (ML-ACR) 500A
- High power resistor (pre-load)
- Busbars
- Connection  Terminals
- Push and hold electronics with time delay
- Switches with LED light
- LED control lights
- Mosquito Military Grip
- Mosquito Large Dash
- Aluminium bars
- Acrylic sheets
- RS232 to USB adapter - FTDI chip
And much more….
All items are as new and all general settings are done and optimized. I can show in videos that all interfaces (PC to BMS and PC to Controller are working perfect). Or even better: You make a short site visit in Namibia J
If I take the values I have spent I get to about 17.000 USD and this doesn’t include all the transport cost I had to carry.
If somebody is serious interested and take the whole lot (complete as you can see on the photos and videos, including the wooden work table), I am willing to give a discount of 25%. Means you get all the items I listed above for 12.750 USD. Freight cost need to be carried by the buyer.
What is important to know is that you need to spend another 8.000 to 10.000 USD to complete the project. The main costs are the ion batteries (type 18650). The battery pack is complete developed and the prototype is done. The whole project is calculated with 10 battery packs, each with 200 piece ion 18650 3500mA from LG. Each battery pack has 37 Volt and they are connected in series, so that you end up with a 370V system. The other main price component is a 370V charger. Depend on the power it cost money!
Please guys: This Thread is not posted to discuss the sense of electric driven helicopter! I will not go into this discussion.  This I had enough of this discussions with my wife Wink
But as I know that the question will come: “What is the range”. I like to give this answer before hand:  I calculated very carefully. I am sure that the minimum operation time in hover will be above 25 minutes, flying under best conditions above 30 minutes.
I will answer any serious technical question as far I can.
If I don’t see in the next two weeks that there are pioneers like me on this forum which see the big picture and which have the sources in all regards; I start selling the components as EV Vehicle components on other channels.
 [Image: Mosquito_iOn_1_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_2_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_3_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_4_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_5_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_6_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_7_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_8_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_9_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_10_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_11_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_11_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_12_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_13_small.jpg]

[Image: Mosquito_iOn_14_small.jpg]

Just ask what you like to know. I prefer private messages as I don't like to give my experiences of 1 1/2 years out in the world....

Guys: Keep well Wink
Just to put the idea out, surely there must be over a couple of hundred mosquito owners with machines flying and in the build. Maybe they could be contacted to see if they would all invest a small amount each to get this for JohnU and CompFX for the future of the mosquito. After all, these guys have enabled us to have our own personal helicopters and kept it at a price we can afford.

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