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My RV-9's First Flight
Here is a link to my RV-9's first flight - 8am, 6/5/18, Chester/Catawba Regional Airport (KDCM), Chester South Carolina.

The weather, the flight and the  plane were perfect.  Temperature 65 degrees, winds calm (3 mph out of the North), Throttle up, took off, perfectly level climb out to pattern altitude, remained in the pattern, throttled back on downwind, slowed to 80mph and added full flaps, slowed to 70mph on final, touched down, slight bump, touched down again and stuck, rolled out with tail up, tail eventually dropped, taxied back to hangar.

Filmed by my daughter while wrangling my 2 y/o grand daughter.

"Pilots - Looking down on people since 1903"
(on a shirt my daughter gave me - author unknown)
Van's Aircraft RV-9 (dragon tail) Flying Phase 1

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