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John Uptigrove
Like many others I was left stunned and somewhat in disbelief upon hearing this news. I had not had the chance to meet John in person but had spoken on the phone on a number of occasions, and was hoping at some stage in the future to get myself to one of the events in the USA where hopefully he would also attend and we could meet in person.

Although nothing we can say here could help his family with their loss, I hope they can take some small comfort from the knowledge so many people across the entire globe were in admiration of what John had achieved in his time.

I am sure that like myself, all in the Mosquito community will always hold heartfelt gratitude for John for sharing his dream and passion for flight with us, and hopefully we can carry on and do the same for others in the way he has shown.

XE285 in New Zealand
As many of you know I am not big on posting but I have been trying to run interference for John's wife during an incredibly difficult time. I must first thank all of the Mosquito community as well as others we have befriended over the years for the unbelievable outreach for us to pass on their support and prayers to Tracy Uptigrove as well her son and daughter. As in all disasters of this magnitude we hope that as time passes, the pain will begin to leave our broken hearts but our memories of a person we cherished does not.
            After best wishes and condolences most are asking how and why this happened I can only tell you that the Canadian Transport Authorities are investigating and they have not finished a final report. However they have commented on some preliminary findings. Out of respect for them and the investigation we can only say that mechanical failure does not appears to have played a roll in this accident. This accident investigation is in the infant stages so patience, as hard as it is to have, must be given to the investigators. As we receive information we will post it for everyone to review.

Best Wishes to all
Dwight Junkin
I still can´t believe it, when Mark told me about the death of John I told him what John? and I was in shock when he told me the was John Uptigrove because we talked on Sunday morning.

I am very sad and my condolences to all the family, Jhon lost his father just a few months and now they are together.

John was a veru good engineer, mechanic and pìlot and I am almost sure that the accident was not caused by any flaw of the design or his skill as a pilot, I think and I imagine that he suffer some kind of hearth attack because this is the only way I can imagine his accident.

This was going to be the best Oshkosh show and as a memory for him the Mosquito booth and show must be the biggest.
We has been working together in the design of a new Mosquito Air X and he was very excited about the new projects.

Rest in peace my friend!

Juan Manuel Lozano
john era una persona fantastica, ci ha dato la possibilità di realizzare il nostro sogno. sicuramente riposerà in pace e ci assisterà ancora dall'alto…...
(07-20-2018, 08:21 PM)mauri Wrote: john era una persona fantastica, ci ha dato la possibilità di realizzare il nostro sogno. sicuramente riposerà in pace e ci assisterà ancora dall'alto…...

John was a fantastic person, he gave us the chance to realize our dream. surely he will rest in peace and will still assist us from above
This was a shock to hear.  I (like all others in the Mosquito Community) would like to say how much I appreciate John fulfilling a dream to build and share his helicopter.  Rest easy John.
Tragedies like this should serve as a reminder to speak highly of and recognize those people in our lives that have made a difference. Too often, we allow a loss to verbalize those thoughts. The gift of flight is a shared gift and people like John and Dwight make that a reality for many who would otherwise not be able to realize it.

John, you pulled collective too soon and left us too early. Your legacy is secure with the owners of this little dream come true.

To all those who make this a reality...thank you.
I learned of this after I arrived at Oshkosh, as I have not been active on the forums lately. I was looking forward to seeing John, Dwight and others as I do every year. I was deeply saddened and took a step back for a few hours from flying the Bell 47's at Oshkosh. Although I didn't' know John as well as others, I always enjoyed talking with him. He was very helpful with questions.

Condolences to the Uptigrove family and all of his Mosquito family. He will be greatly missed.

Darwin N. Barrie
Chandler, AZ
Very sad news... All my prayers to his family ! Thank you John for the time and effort creating this great flying machine, thank you for the time you spent answering all my questions by emails,... RIP great man !

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